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767 Silent....?

Sat Sep 25, 1999 1:24 am

A 767-200 just flew over my apartment (I have a penthouse) and I noticed that it was silent as a breeze. Is really the 767 silent? Because I barely noticed noise...
In less than 5 minutes I was a 737-300 and the 767-200
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RE: 767 Silent....?

Sat Sep 25, 1999 8:32 am

Well it probly had to cut back on power just for you  


Sat Sep 25, 1999 8:42 am

YOU were a 737-300 and then a 767-200 in less than 5 minutes?! WOW! I wish I could turn into aircraft!   How did you fit in your house?

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The Toilets Make More Noise

Sat Sep 25, 1999 9:45 am

I'll tell you what's not so silent about the 767. The toilet. The first time I flew on a 3rd generation airliner it was a 767 across the Atlantic in 1987. After using the lavatory I flushed the toilet, and, no kidding, I thought I had doomed the aircraft. I was expecting the usual quiet, low-pressure, blue liquid, Japanese garden water dribble of all my previous flights. Instead, there was deafening, loud screeching roar that almost gave me a heart attack. I thought I had opened up a hole in the fuselage at 33,000 feet.
I surmise that in the more modern planes, the toilet contents are sucked into the waste containers by the pressure differential between the cabin air and the great abyss outside. I suppose it works better and uses less water. So in retrospect I probably did open up a tiny hole in the fuselage. They just should have warned me.
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RE: Hmmmm... And Both Other Guys Who Replied

Sat Sep 25, 1999 10:09 am

I almost peed on my pants with this thing you just told me...
I would not like to be you when you came out of the toilet and everyone was looking at you   
My experience was even funnier...
From EZE (Buenos Aires) do COR (Cordoba) around december 95 I was on a MD-88 from Aerolineas Argentinas and I almost broke the windows of the aircraft... I went to the lavatory and when I flushed... oh god... the noise almost killed my ears, but before that I almost had a collapse and I screamed!!!! When I came out of the lavatory, I was so mortified when everyone was staring at me... It was really funny, because everybody was laughing and I laughed too!

TWA747100 and DL 604...
You both are smart eh... very funny.... I forgot to make the spelling check... my mistake!!!!! That was funny! was= saw, ok???
BTW, being a 767 is not that bad... I just had to remove the sink and the rest of the kitchen    But sometimes I wonder, a 707 would fit better    
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RE: The Toilets Make More Noise

Sun Sep 26, 1999 1:59 am

1.In comparison to older jets (727, 737-200) the 767 anf 757 are really quiet. When I was younger I use to live near and airport (STT for those who are interested). Anyway when Eastern airlines first flying 757 into my local airport it was startling. Before we where use to 727 mainly landing there and with those suckers you know a plane is landing and lets not talk about taking off or thrust-reversing after landing. The 757 seemed to just glide on in and then just a lower volume nosie when they reversed thrust.

2. As for the toilets on airplanes most modern planes use a Vacume waste system. So you get that loud sucking effect. I've noticed the newer the aircraft (design wise) the more powerful and loud the toliets.
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