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ValuJet 592

Sat Sep 25, 1999 3:54 am

Does anyone know how or what ignited the oxygen canisters that fueled the fire that brought down Critter592?

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Neil Harrison
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RE: ValuJet 592

Sat Sep 25, 1999 5:54 am

The ignition of the oxygen canisters was spontaneous, from what I remember reading in the reports. It was reported that if the canisters had been empty, there would have been no way for them to ignite.
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RE: ValuJet 592

Sat Sep 25, 1999 8:41 am

Also to add to what was said, I dont think sabretech put safety caps on each of the canasters to prevent them from spontaneously combusting. The chemical reaction required to make the oxygen causes the canister to become extremely hot which of course unfortunatly caused the fire to bring down Valu Jet 592.



RE: ValuJet 592

Sun Sep 26, 1999 10:20 am

They were not supposed to be shipped on the plane full, But they were packaged in the wrong box dislabeled & packed on the plane, When the plane was taxiing one of the generators activated itself & got to temperatures up to 500 degrees   By the time it lifted off the runway the cargo deck was already burning, but they did not have a fire alarm so the pilots had no way of knowing, as they lifted off, smoke started to come throgh the back tail exit & into the cabin, This is what you would refer to as a "Smoking Flight  " but anyway it started to burn the back moving to the front & from then on I don't know the rest except it crashed in the florida Everglades 45 seconds--2 minutes after takeoff. from then on all smoke detectors had to be tested before flight takeoff... there now you know JACK SCHITT