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CO Upgrade Question

Fri Jun 14, 2002 6:19 am

This is probably a dumb question but here goes. I am Platinum Elite w/ CO and usually enjoy the free upgrades with CO and NW. I cashed in some miles for a trip to Europe next month flying CO and NW. I'm flying NW from LAX-EWR via DTW and then on to LGW with CO. Flying back from AMS-LAX via EWR. Is there any chance I will be upgraded even though I am using reward travel? I know it probably won't happen on the international segments but what about the domestic segments?
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RE: CO Upgrade Question

Fri Jun 14, 2002 6:34 am

An upgrade from a free ticket is very unlikely...........however, you are flying on very busy routes and there is always a chance that the economy section will be oversold. Let the gate agent know (for each segment) that you are plantinum elite, in that case, if it is necessary for some coach pax to be upgraded to business due to an oversell situation, you will be among the first to be upgraded, even if you are flying for free. Its a longshot, but you never know, as you are flying busy routes during the peak of the tourist season; even with the downturn in traffic, many transatlantic flights are packed these days.

Have a good trip.

RE: CO Upgrade Question

Fri Jun 14, 2002 6:43 am

You cannot be automatically upgraded with reward travel unless you use miles to upgrade.
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RE: CO Upgrade Question

Fri Jun 14, 2002 7:30 am

Though I personally have no experience with this, I believe I have read that NW elites can be upgraded on reward tickets. Since you are flying on NW for several of your segments, you might actually have a shot. You might call NW and see what their policy is.
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RE: CO Upgrade Question

Fri Jun 14, 2002 8:23 am

NW policy allows Gold and Platinum Elites of EITHER Northwest or Continental to upgrade their REWARD tickets ONLY ON NW OPERATED FLIGHTS at 3 or 5 days in advance for no charge, assuming availability.
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