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3 Norwegians, Planes Attacked US Embassy In Oslo

Sat Jun 15, 2002 12:28 am


"Three men are about to stand trial in Oslo for a bad idea inspired by a few beers. In October last year they bombarded the US embassy with paper airplanes and teased the armed guards.

On October 14 last year the three friends had a few beers at a pub before deciding to stage an improvised demonstration outside the US embassy. The plan ended with each of them in a jail cell.
So far they have been fined NOK 3,000 (USD 380) each but refuse to pay. Oslo police say that the trio are guilty of disturbing the peace.

According to the police report the men threw paper airplanes at the embassy on that Sunday night while yelling, "These are peace planes, not bombers". They also harassed armed police stationed outside the building and refused to leave.

One of the accused says that the point of the paper ambush was to protest the USA's war in Afghanistan. After a beery discussion they decided to air their views, even if it was the middle of a Sunday night.

"We filled two carrier bags with paper airplanes. Then we went to the embassy. It was something special, throwing paper airplanes at police armed with machine guns," one of the protestors, 29, said.

The impromptu demonstration set off an embassy alarm and three or four police patrols quickly arrived on the scene. Within seconds the bombardiers were handcuffed and on the ground. The 29-year-old paper activist denies they asked for trouble.

"The police were unnecessarily brutal. It was a peaceful demonstration and not violent in any way," the 29-year-old said. The protestor was more open to criticism of the timing of the protest but said they felt it was important at the time.

The American embassy confirms the incident but has refused to comment on it. "We recognize the right of citizens to demonstrate in a democratic society. We leave it up to Norwegian authorities to determine where the line should be drawn," said embassy press spokesman Erik Holm-Olsen."