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Mon Sep 27, 1999 10:41 am

I was wondering if anyone (quite obviously excluding most Americans, quite like a Briton flying Aerolíneas Argentinas) has flown IranAir? If so where/when did you fly from/to? What was the service like? If you went to Iran, what was that like?

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Mon Sep 27, 1999 11:38 am

My friend used to be an FA on one of them and she enjoyed it.

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Mon Sep 27, 1999 6:49 pm

Mail to : subria@telia.com
and l shell tell you about all my trips to and from Iran with IranAir !
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RE: IranAir

Sun Oct 03, 1999 2:50 am

I hear that IranAir's Tehran-Kuala Lumpur service is dong quite well. Its operated by a Boeing 747SP and is probably on of the very last few SPs still going.

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Sun Oct 03, 1999 8:48 pm

I flew on a IranAir 727-200 in a Esfahan-Tehran route on one night in 95'.

It was only a one hour flight so all you get is a drink and pistachio (thats right, no peanuts). The service was good, no bad remarks on the short flight.

Hope when ever US lifts the embargo, that IranAir can fly back to JFK or maybe even MIA, with the 747SP or maybe when they order the A340s, they fly those.

I'm one of the few Americans that flew to Iran much. The customs there are much strict. They check EVERTHING, also took my batteries for all my electrical stuff, (had to buy more at Paris). Its a nice country to visit. Thats the only time I flew IranAir, I flew Air France 747-200 back to Charles de Gaulle and hoped in a A340 back to MIA. I still have those pistachios preserve, not open, with a picture of a IranAir A300-600R on it.