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NW B742 At Arn?

Sun Jun 16, 2002 10:29 pm

Watching the webcam towards the third runway at ARN on it looks like there is an NW B742 parked there today. Does anyone know why that plane is parked there? Is this another investment of Transjet?

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RE: NW B742 At Arn?

Mon Jun 17, 2002 1:41 am

I saw that too. A 747 from NW was here another time the last week, can't remember which day though. AFAIK it has nothing to do with Transjet.
Would be interesting to know why it came here, some kind of charter or even preparation for a new route Big grin?

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RE: NW B742 At Arn?

Mon Jun 17, 2002 2:14 am

If this would be some "new" route operated by NW (they operated daily 747's
Minneapolis-Stockholm during the 1980's), why park the a/c at apron "M" then?

This apron is used neither by passenger nor cargo flights, only for technical reasons.

The aircraft, N613US, arrived on June 13 as "Northwest9841", and I can only guess the whereabouts, MAYBE a new a/c to operate for Transjet, or to be used for spares.

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RE: NW B742 At Arn?

Mon Jun 17, 2002 5:35 am

I happen to know a little about this flight from a friend in Bergen, Norway. It flew some cruise passengers from the United States to Bergen, Norway. It then flew to ARN empty awaiting for the cruise ship to come around. It will fly back to the United States with the same passengers.

It must be a charter and an expensive one at that.

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RE: NW B742 At Arn?

Mon Jun 17, 2002 9:46 am

What US city is it going/coming from?
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