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Entry Level Aircraft?

Mon Jun 17, 2002 8:57 am

Hi, I realize that this is a kind of broad topic to be asking, but I was wondering what an entry level aircraft would have been for most of the airline pilots in the 1970's, since commuter air travel was very much less known and utilized as today... Without aircraft for younger pilots (generally) to fly such as the B1900, the D328, the EMB-120 etc, what were some entry level aircraft for pilots of the major US airlines? I know there are always the exeptions to the rules, of senior pilots flying the smaller aircraft, and every now and then a fairly young pilot going to the right seat of a 757, but, for the most part in the US, what types would pilots start on the 1960's/1970's?
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RE: Entry Level Aircraft?

Mon Jun 17, 2002 3:35 pm

I would probably guess the DC-9. Maybe the 737.
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RE: Entry Level Aircraft?

Mon Jun 17, 2002 9:17 pm

My first Aircraft will be the RJ85!
I'll start end of the year.
For those who gradauted at LH Flight training,they start with B737 or A320.