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Low-Cost Airlines Dangerous?

Tue Jun 18, 2002 12:19 pm

It is apparent that low-cost airlines' urge for quick turnarounds at airports are sacrificing safety.

What do you think?
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RE: Low-Cost Airlines Dangerous?

Tue Jun 18, 2002 12:34 pm

I don't think any captain wants to be unsafe with his life and the lives of others on the line, so, I highly doubt it. I may be wrong though.
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RE: Low-Cost Airlines Dangerous?

Tue Jun 18, 2002 12:43 pm

That is stupid in general Low cost airlines are just as safe. Southwest has never had a fatality due to a crash is 30 years old and is one of the largest Low-Cost Airlines in the world. Maybe in the UK but here in North America Low-Cost Airlines are just as safe as any other airline.
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RE: Low-Cost Airlines Dangerous?

Tue Jun 18, 2002 5:11 pm

This ties in with Mary Schavio and her "a 25 year old aircraft is unsafe" garbage! Just because "Fly By Night Airlines" operates a 25 year old (or older) DC-9-30 (according to "Queen Mary - The Self-Appointed High Priestess of the Airline Industry") it is unsafe because they are a low-cost airline, doesn't mean that the same DC-9-30, operated by Northwest, IS safe because they're a major. That's a load of crap. It sold a lot of books for Ms. Schavio but lacks substance.

Just like old cars, it isn't the age that's on them, its how well they are maintained (and have been maintained in the past).

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