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Airline Mechanic

Tue Dec 15, 1998 11:14 am

I was wondering if anyone out there could send me some
information on being a airline mechanic? Or give me a few tips!
I thank you in advance for your time!

This is for my friend, not me. I'm going to fly!

RE: Airline Mechanic

Tue Dec 15, 1998 12:16 pm

There is a school in Colorado called Colorado Aerotech. 97% of there students get hired right out of school.
Will this guy give you a discount on you annual and stuff? That would be neat if they did.
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RE: Airline Mechanic

Wed Dec 16, 1998 3:53 am

Hey FedEx and Iain,

Colorado Aerotech is about 15mi from my house (Unless I am thinking about something else) at Jeffco Airport. Send me an email, and I might be able to get you some stuff.