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Differences Between A/c Of The Same Type?

Tue Jun 18, 2002 7:24 pm

I`m wondering if the pilots flying on the specific aircraft type can notice any differences between the particular aircraft of the same type? Let`s say an airline has fleet of 10 B737 and some of them are OK but one seems to cause more problems with it`s operating and is not pilots` and mechanics` favourite.
Do things like this happen?
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RE: Differences Between A/c Of The Same Type?

Tue Jun 18, 2002 8:17 pm

Generally, if all of the airplanes in an operator's fleet were bought from the manufacturer and they were received over the period of a couple of years then they will be pretty close in their configuration. But, if it is a large fleet bought over a long period of time then differences will occur. These are generally related to improvements or corrections due to reliability problems. With software driven components, the flight crew will see difference between the earlier and later airplanes. If an operator buys airplanes from the used plane market, then there are likely to be considerable differences between, what seem to be, like airplanes. Manufacturers offer many options in the systems and engines in order to attract as many customers as possible. It's these differences that make a mixed fleet (airplanes built for difference operators) more complicated to operate and maintain.
An airplane that seems to have more than its share of operational and maintenance problems is called a "Hangar Queen". It spends more time than normal in the hangar being repaired. Depending on the operator's philosophy and resources; they may tolerate the situation, they may direct effects in to determining what, in the airplane, is the root cause of these problems and correct them, or they may sell the airplane and pass the problems on to the next guy.
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RE: Differences Between A/c Of The Same Type?

Wed Jun 19, 2002 12:54 am

I can tell the differance between Skipper 3857J and Skipper 3849Y. 57J is a year or two older, and the pre-flight is different (nav antenna in different place, no external power plug, and others). Also, 3849Y provides a little bit more thrust on takeoff, but her throttle lock is way too tight, and I can never get the correct feel. 57J's oleo strut is a little lower than 49Y's making 57J's T-tail just out of my reach (I'm 5'10"). 49Y has an updated avionics package. the major differance (you don't have to be a pilot to tell) is that 57J is red, and 49Y is blue. (<---- had to add some sarcasim).

The other thing is that I can almost never grease 49Y on as I can with 57J.