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BA Gets Even With Virgin...

Tue Sep 28, 1999 4:25 am

BA has announced that they will be installing new Club World seats.
The new Club World will be able to recline 180° into a flat bed.
This is exactly the same thing and comfort than First!
Of course, the move is done to counter Virgin with its double seat beds.
We are getting to a point where an airline's Business class will have the comfort of First, First will "dissapear" and a "premium" economy class will fill the void and take place of the past Business class.
Of course, prices will increase (Impossible to install flat beds and expext the same revenue with no price alterations...) Overall, Comfort will DECLINE!!!
The only thing that will ALWAYS stay the same is Economy class, where a seat pitch of 32 is still the comfort norm, and where most people will remain!