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Houston Hobby Renovations

Wed Jun 19, 2002 5:33 am

I am going to be passing through Houston Hobby sometime later in the summer and was wondering what the status of the new concourse construction there was. Has anyone been there recently who could update me on how things are progressing? When will the new gates be open?
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RE: Houston Hobby Renovations

Wed Jun 19, 2002 5:38 am

I was there a few weeks ago. Don't plan on passing through a luxurious modern new concourse yet  Smile/happy/getting dizzy

The new SW concourse (between the current B and C) is coming along nicely, but is nowhere near finished. After that is done, they'll tear down B or C (can't remember which) and A, and then work on the everyone-else concourse where A sits now.

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RE: Houston Hobby Renovations

Wed Jun 19, 2002 10:28 am

To see a pix of the new versus the old, see:


Click on "Photos" and then click on "Future Hobby Terminal"
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