Airline maintenance hours

Tue Dec 15, 1998 12:19 pm

I know that flight school planes need to have 100 hour inspection does this apply to Airlines? And what are there rules on this.
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RE: Airline maintenance hours

Tue Dec 15, 1998 1:29 pm

They also have almost the samething but I don't
think it's every 100hrs. The rules for the airlines is
real strict as you might expect. The FAA say's anyone
making $$$ and carrying people fall under strict rules.
I'm sure others could fill you in.
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RE: Airline maintenance hours

Tue Dec 15, 1998 2:04 pm

G'day All.
Large airliners do have a maintence system which in a way is simular to light A/C. The different thing is that the hours between checks, and the type of work that get done varies from type, country, and sometimes airline. When l was working on B737's we had at our airline, a service check which at first was a 50 hourly check. This became too much and it was decided by the airline, and the authorities, to strech the service check to 150, followed by 200 Hours. After this the A/C is subjected to a 1000HR check which is basically perform overnight by a large team of staff, this was called a 1A check. From here the A/C would have it's maintence performed by Heavy Maintence. The number naming and size of the check would vary from the age of the A/C and hours it had flown. The largest chaeck which is a total strip down, right to the very last bolt is called a check 8. This check is usually performed aroud ever 8 years, and usually for a B737 takes 10-12 weeks to conduct...
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