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Tue Sep 28, 1999 8:12 am

Hey, does anyone know what happened to the aircraft info section of It was really helpful to me and i can't seem to find it one the home page.

Any info would be great.

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Tue Sep 28, 1999 8:51 am

I was just thinking about that, and emailing him too. Buy maybe he'll read this post, and answer our questions. I bet something happened with the copyrights or something of that nature.
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Wed Sep 29, 1999 1:29 pm

I just checked it and it reads, "This service is temporary taken offline for major overhaul. It will be back up soon, bigger and better!"

I guess no copyrights were infringed. I also don't see how... If they did this whole site would be taken down because we have pictures of airliners with the company logo...

At least the airline industry isn't like the music or software industry.

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