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Random Alcohol Testing Of Aircrew

Thu Jun 20, 2002 4:50 pm

Does anyone know of other countries apart from Holland who practice random alcohol testing of aircrew registered in the country where the testing is taking place or not?

Any info appreciated thanks
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RE: Random Alcohol Testing Of Aircrew

Thu Jun 20, 2002 4:55 pm

Air India does this as well.
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RE: Random Alcohol Testing Of Aircrew

Thu Jun 20, 2002 5:03 pm

Saudi Arabian? Sorry, just a joke...

No, but it would be great if all major airlines would do it because I might be wrong but I heard several "stories" of captains in a bar.
My father told me once, well, it was long time ago in South America, I think it was Venezuela when he went to a Bar at the airport. It wasn't fun when the Pilot next to him (in the bar, not only drinking a coke) "walked" to the same plane as he did...
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RE: Random Alcohol Testing Of Aircrew

Fri Jun 21, 2002 4:17 am

U.S. crews are randomly tested.
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