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Big Jump In Equipment?

Sat Jun 22, 2002 1:57 am

In the August issue of Airways they had an article about the retirement of the AA727's and one of the pilots who had spent all of his career on the 727 was now going to training for the 777. How is the equipment training system set up? And isnt going from a 72 to a 77 a large jump?

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RE: Big Jump In Equipment?

Sat Jun 22, 2002 8:15 am

I think a lot of the final 727 pilots are some of the most experienced pilots in AA's system and decided to hang onto the 727 for whatever reason. Now that the 727 is gone(  Crying ), the pilots need to fly something else and the years of experience that many of those currently have are probably enough seniority wise to grant such an upgrade. A lot of ex- AA MD-11, DC-10, and some 767 pilots were given the choice of flying the 777.

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RE: Big Jump In Equipment?

Sat Jun 22, 2002 11:53 pm

Some very senior pilots were all that was left flying the 727 at the end of it's career. Why would a pilot bid that airplane even though he could hold a larger better paying slot?

For some they like the trips better. Some would rather fly the shorter stage lengths. They would also bid the best lines in the type. In the larger equipment they might be near the bottom of the list and get stuck with the least desirable routes. Another consideration is training. It's a lot of work to switch to a new type. The school is long and tough. Recurrent training on a plane you've been flying for ten years is a lot less taxing. It's a choice; do I spend six weeks in training or do I go to my kids' soccer games. Some guys get to a point in their careers where they say this is good enough for me.