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Delta's 777 -again

Wed Sep 29, 1999 3:46 am

With reference to the latest Delta press release indicating a tentative agreement with the 777 and 767-400 pilots regarding pay, I wonder if the 777 will now be a permanent part of Delta's fleet plans or if the final decision has been postponed a bit longer?

RE: Delta's 777 -again

Wed Sep 29, 1999 3:55 am

I am sure it will, and Delta will put back on track their remaining 11 orders....they have to in order to compete with UA, AA, CO's 777s ans US's new coming A330s
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RE: Delta's 777 -again

Wed Sep 29, 1999 4:00 am

I believe that while initial firm orders are for 14 (Delta people, please confirm - I can never keep up with these!). The total commitment, including options, may well be as high as 60. So, yes, the 777 will be a part of Delta's fleet for many years to come . . .
And while they won't be rushing anything, I would imagine that the 777's arrival will signal the beginning of the end of the MD11.
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RE: Delta's 777 -again

Wed Sep 29, 1999 5:29 am

Pilots at Delta have said that the new 777 order should run 20-30 or so and possibly larger in the long run. The MD-11's probably won't be here for too much longer due to the fact of the safety issues tied to them.