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American Airlines To Paint Aircraft

Wed Sep 29, 1999 5:40 am

A local newspaper had this news: Any comment?

American Airline´s regional carrier American Eagle will display the flags of its Caribbean destinations, including Puerto Rico, as a sign of commitment to the area. George Hazy, American Eagle´s president, said:

The ATR 72 bearing the PR flag on its side was presented at the inauguration of the airport´s new taxiway.

The runway will enable carriers to use the $6 million Gate 1 facility more efficiently. it will also enable American Eagle to transfer all its operations to the gate.

RE: American Airlines To Paint Aircraft

Wed Sep 29, 1999 3:25 pm

I think it's great that airlines put paint on their planes that show commitment to certain cites/countries. WestPac, Reno and others did this. It shows pride in certain cities, and like the article said, it shows a certain amount of commitment to that specific route.

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RE: American Airlines To Paint Aircraft

Thu Sep 30, 1999 6:48 am

Comair did a really nice tribute to their home city of Cincinnati by painting a CRJ in the city's skyline. It looked really great. Also, I think AA Eagle putting the Puerto Rican flag on their planes is a nice idea.