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Final Report On Austral Lineas Aereas Flight 2553?

Sun Jun 23, 2002 4:12 pm

Do you guys remember the accident of an Austral Lineas Aereas Dc-9 that took place in 10/10/1997 , and crashed in Nuevo Berlin, Uruguay ?.
As far as i know, the aircraft encountered storm and the pitot-de-icer was not working at all.The crew noticed a considerable reduction of speed so they applied full thrust. The crew was still "seeing" a loss of speed, so travelling almos at supersonic speed, they extended the flaps, resulting in a super-extra-lift , leading the aircraft to roll over and to fall inverted.

This is all i know about this sad acciden, due the NTSB didn't take this accident for investigation, 'cause the Uruguayan Air Force is taking charge of it and they didn't realeased any update about it.

Can you contribute to this statement if you know something else ?

Thanks in advance

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