Delta Express New Colors

Thu Sep 30, 1999 7:18 am


I bother all of my releatives when I know they are flying to steal all that they can from the aircraft. I know that this is somewhat illegal, but they don't know. Anyways, my grandma who lives in Atlanta sent me a MD88 safety card and a Delta SKY magazine. I was flipping through it and I saw in the back, a Delta Express 737-200 in their new colors. Is this an artist's impression or is it real? I couldn't find any pics of it on Also, the 737-200 is quite old, what do you think Delta will be replacing this with in their Express fleet? Also, what is Delta's Express fleet composed of?

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RE: Delta Express New Colors

Thu Sep 30, 1999 8:12 am

The delta express fleet now only has the 737-200. As for the colors i dont know.
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RE: Delta Express New Colors

Thu Sep 30, 1999 8:41 am

Delta Express has adopted the new Delta color scheme on its aircraft. Many have yet to be painted in the new colors, but I have seen some around here and when I flew Delta Express to Orlando. The only difference between DL's colors and DL Ex's is the light blue "Express" after Delta instead of "Airlines."
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RE: Delta Express New Colors

Thu Sep 30, 1999 10:06 am

All Delta Express aircraft are 737-200s, and they will be in service for several years to come. I believe there will be something like 40 of the aircraft in service as DL Express continues to expand.

I have seen several in the new livery here in Hartford (BDL).
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RE: Delta Express New Colors

Thu Sep 30, 1999 10:46 am

Yes, 'tis true. Yet they slightly differ from the mainline Delta colours. The main difference being instead of being a dark blue "Delta", and a lighter blue "Air Lines", the "Delta is in dark blue, while the "Air Lines" is in red. Personally I find it slightly worse that the already bad Delta new colours, so I can't honestly say that I think favourably of them.

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