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Just Seen Then Unbelievable..

Sat Jun 29, 2002 2:03 am


I was sitting on the balconi about 25minutes ago& as usual my eyes were looking were headed towards the approach line of the aircrafts coming in to Beirut International, when I saw two jets coming in at a really high speed, I guess about 200knots or so,
& one of them was really low& the other one was kind of having its normal approach as for altitude, but for the speed they were both going at the same speed.So I hurried & grabbed my binocular to see'em close& when I did, I realized that none of them had deployed its landing gear!!!!!!
I just had the idea that they crashed, but about 7mins later one of the two jets came back approaching normally, but unfortunatly I couldn't identify for what airlines they belonged,& they defenitly do not belong to MEA because they seemed like a 767 to me. 9-p

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