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Some Unusual Aircraft At DFW.

Fri Oct 01, 1999 5:58 am

Yesterday I spotted a Tower Air Cargo 747 and an Evergreen International Cargo 747 (isn't that a division of Eva Air) at DFW. I know that these are not regularly scheduled visitors so does anyone have more info on these? - Thanks.
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RE: Some Unusual Aircraft At DFW.

Fri Oct 01, 1999 6:20 am

Evergreen is not a division of Eva Air. It is a US based cargo operator.

RE: Some Unusual Aircraft At DFW.

Fri Oct 01, 1999 10:07 am


I thought ALL of Tower Air's flights were cargo, was this human cargo real cargo? Budda-buh-dappa-da. J/K  
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RE: Flyf15

Fri Oct 01, 1999 10:40 pm

yeah, I spoke to a friend yesterday and kinda figured it out - what the hell was I thinking.
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RE: Some Unusual Aircraft At MSP

Sat Oct 02, 1999 12:57 pm

I have been having a kick the last several months watching some of the traffic at MSP-Minneapolis St Paul Int'l

In the morning I see a UPS DC-8-71 with the re powered fan engines take off. A while later I see Airborne DC-8 -62 with the old jets still smoking and turning. I understand the Airborne old smoker will be put to pasture by year end.They really do smoke and have an excellent roar to them.

There is nothing like seeing a stretch DC-8 taking off or on final. The width of the wing is amazing compared to today's designs. The wings look so massive yet the fuselage is so slim. Gorgeous. Enjoy the sights while we have them. MSP has a pretty good observation deck on top off green concourse--but why did they have to sound proof and seal all the glass--give us some of the noise! The pure PW jets are not for this world for much longer!
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