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An A319 Question

Fri Oct 01, 1999 7:11 am

From what I've heard, the A320 and A319 have the same wing and engine. Yet they have the same range. If a full A320 is heaveier and has a range of 4442 km, shouldn't a full A319 have a range of 4442+x km? due to the fact its lighter and needs less fuel to fly?
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RE: An A319 Question

Fri Oct 01, 1999 8:55 am

I'm not sure where you got your "equal range" information from, but there's not much doubt that the A319 has more range than the A320 for any given payload. The only such difference could come about at high end payloads, where you can get a 77t A320, but only a 75.5t A319.

Also, the engines on an A319 are the same, but are derated, which is where you get your lower fuel burn.

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