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European Air Charter @ SFB

Mon Jul 01, 2002 9:07 am

I've noticed on my flight tracker that EAL came to SFB this weekend. Is it new charter service to SFB (daily or just a weekend thing?). Can't wait to see it in person.

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RE: European Air Charter @ SFB

Mon Jul 01, 2002 10:12 am

I think they just began the service, I'm not quite sure, but I saw the 747 went over my head yesterday, and I knoew that it must be European Air!
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RE: European Air Charter @ SFB

Tue Jul 02, 2002 12:57 am


European will have two 742s coming into SFB on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from the U.K.

This past Saturday, the green one arrived first, followed by the pink one. Do you live near SFB?
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RE: European Air Charter @ SFB

Tue Jul 02, 2002 1:19 am

Is this just summer service or are they planning to do this all year?
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RE: European Air Charter @ SFB

Tue Jul 02, 2002 3:05 am

I don't know much about these flights but maybe able to enlighten you a little more.
The flights are mainly contracted for TravelCity Direct (amongst others), who are UK based and specialise in "Fly Drives" to Florida for british tourists. this is the company that have previously contracted ATA, although those flights arn't happeining this year (hence the EAL flights).
As for the time scale of the service i'm not sure. Florida is an all-year round destination for us brits, so they may continue in the winter although muich lower capacity, perhaps one flight a week. However, saying that, the ATA flights were only summer flights, so the EAl may also be summer only. Have to wait and see!!

Hope this helps (a little!)
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RE: European Air Charter @ SFB

Tue Jul 02, 2002 5:30 am

European Aviation Air Charter now have five B747-200's all ex British Airways. All are painted with different colour bands on the engines and fuselage.

G-BDXF Green
G-BDXJ Yellow

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