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21 Fired CX Captains Complain To HK Labor Tribunal

Wed Jul 03, 2002 8:30 pm

21 Cathay Pacific captains who were fired during the infamous July 2001 work-to-rule campaign, have filed a complaint with the Territory's Labor Tribunal claiming they were wrongly dismissed for union membership and their activities.

The 21 out of 49 who were fired claim that the airline's managers violated Hong Kong labor law. The HKAOA's (Hong Kong Aircrew Officers Association) general secretary John Findlay, said that the airline of holding, "turn-of-the-century colonial mentality that believes employees can be mistreated and bullied at will."

The airline involved refused to comment. The airline has refused to meet the pilots for months saying that unions wouldn't renounce the acitivites which were harming the airline's business.

The work-to-rule campaign, which ended in October 2001, cost the airline HK$350 000 000.

More information at the AP / Yahoo website
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