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Toronto RW 15L + R

Sat Oct 02, 1999 6:25 am

Hi everybody. I was looking out the window and I saw the planes using RW 15L and R. I haven't seen them use that runway in days!
Do you know why they use RW 24L +R and 6L + R way more often?

RE: Toronto RW 15L + R

Sat Oct 02, 1999 9:08 am

It is all to do with which way the wind is blowing.
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RE: Toronto RW 15L + R

Sat Oct 02, 1999 10:29 am

Winds tend to be westerly, so that's why 24L/R get most of the load. Which is good for spotters because 24L/R, especially R, have several nice vantage points. The airport was originally designed to use these two runways from the beginning. The taxi to 24L/R is the shortest for planes leaving the terminal buildings.
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RE: Toronto RW 15L + R

Sat Oct 02, 1999 12:23 pm

Actually YYZ doesn't operate to the wind very much now, only in strong wind conditions. The 24/06 runways are used because they are further apart and can be used for simutanious landings on 24L and 24R or the 6's. The 15/33's are too close and the controllers don't like using them both for landing and take off's, so one is used for take off's(usually 33R) and one for landings(33L) and that limits the # of planes therefore causing delays.