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Mexican Airlines Fleet Plans

Sat Oct 02, 1999 9:04 am

Hi everyone. Mexican airlines Mexicana and AeroMexico have the 727-200 and DC9-30 respectively, and sooner or later these older types will have to be replaced by newer models, such as the A320 family or 717. Does anyone know what these 2 carriers are planning to do regarding fleet renewal?
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RE: Mexican Airlines Fleet Plans

Sat Oct 02, 1999 8:55 pm

According to my sources Mexicana and Aeromexico will order together about 50 717/737 or 32X to replace the 727 and DC-9. I don´t know who has the lead but Mexicana has some 320s in it´s fleet.

For the DC-10 replacement I´ve no information but it will be a descision between the 767-300/-400/777-200 and the 330-200/330-300/340-300. I believe they will go for Airbus, manly for commonality reasons. But this was discussed often enought before under several other topics. To see other rumours please visit and

Hope I helped you a bit.

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