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Sat Jul 06, 2002 10:11 pm

Avianca has been painting some aircraft on its fleet with the Summa alliance colours. It began with B767-300, then 757, MD80. Now also a B767-200 has the Alliance scheme.

Does the airline plan to paint the whole fleet or only some aircraft (one of each type?

For those interested on their site ( you can look a 360 view of each economy cabin on their fleet.

Will Avianca resume other routes in Europe (London, Frankfurt or Paris)? For example British Airways is still flying to Bogota but I don't know if they plan to pull out. Colombians are the largest Latin American community in the UK, if that happens would be good for Avianca to return?
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RE: Avianca/Summa

Sun Jul 07, 2002 3:00 am

Hi Lima,

I see you live in the Netherlands, I also live in the Netherlands close to Schiphol Airport, what better place is there  Wink/being sarcastic I originally come from the Caribbean, si quieres hablar en español, no es ninguna problema, solo que mi español no es tan bien, pero lo comprendo si.

Anyway, back to your topic, I think Avianca will only paint a few aircraft of their entire fleet with the Summa livery, kind of the same that the other Alliance members do at Star Alliance, for example. I like the Summa livery, it looks refreshing with the butterfly on the tail, simple but yet noticable. Now let's hope their Alliance will become a success

Regards A388