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Ben Gurion - Bad Lights ?

Sat Oct 02, 1999 11:52 pm

today I heard about a russian pilot who tried to land @ ben gurion / israel and almost touched down on a nearby motorway. Sure, russia .. tupolev you might say but sources also told me that he was the sixt pilot this month and due to bad guidance lights @ ben gurion. i actually can`t believe that so this is why I am asking now. Has anyone more infos on that topic ?


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RE: Ben Gurion - Bad Lights ?

Sun Oct 03, 1999 1:50 am

RUSSIAN PILOT MISTAKES HIGHWAY FOR RUNWAY: A Russian pilot flying a Tupelov 134 carrying 40 passengers was at 300 feet, lining up to land on the busy Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway, when controllers at Ben Gurion Airport got his attention and told him to abort. The pilot went around and landed on a runway. Israel's Civil Aviation Authority said the pilot wasn't drunk, but had a very poor command of English. The BRZ Airlines plane makes a weekly flight to Israel -- stay away from it.


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Another 1

Sun Oct 03, 1999 11:28 am

1 Day before my flight to Turkey (which was suppost to happen) .. I read in the news bout the Turkish AIrliner that almost landed on the highway... hehe
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RE: Ben Gurion - Bad Lights ?

Sun Oct 03, 1999 9:55 pm

ben gurion has 3 ruways .one belongs to the airforce and civil landings is not allowed.another one isn't in use because of noise problems (due to a high court rolling).that leaves just one runway but the main problem is the very poor command of English by the russion pilots.

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