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SU Gives Up On New Colors Again?

Sun Oct 03, 1999 5:49 am

It appears that Aeroflot hsa given up on a new color scheme once again. Photos on Boeing's website show the newly delivered 763s in the old color scheme! This is the second time the airline has introduced a new scheme, and then reverted to the original. Anyone have info/comments?
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RE: SU Gives Up On New Colors Again?

Mon Oct 04, 1999 2:41 am

Heck the Paint Splatter c/s was at least a change. That sure is a disappointment!! I read the other day that they will shortly be looking to revamp it’s long-haul fleet.
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RE: SU Gives Up On New Colors Again?

Mon Oct 04, 1999 12:43 pm

Boeing has been painting all the new 737-400s and 777s for Aeroflot in the new colour scheme. I don't think Aeroflot is giving up on it, but maybe they are trying to maintain fleet commonality with the present 763s. Also, the new A310-300s they've taken delivery of have gotten the same older colour scheme as the 5 A310s already in service.

I for one would love to see Aeroflot give all their jets a make-over. I think the IL96-300 would look stunning with a bit of colour splashed on its nacelles and tail! Aeroflot should not be so stodgy.
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RE: SU Gives Up On New Colors Again?

Mon Oct 04, 1999 4:07 pm

Call me old fashioned, but I think the old/now current colour scheme used by SU has a distinct uniqueness and makes the western airliners even LOOK Russian and for a Russian airline isn't that the look they want?!! Of course AEROFLOT could hire some whiz bang design firm to produce a vibrant new scheme (well I for one really didn't like the c/s that first appeared on the A310's or the later "paint splatter" applied to the Boeing fleet) and in the process lose that unique 'AEROFLOT LOOK'.
Despite the reputation the airline has, both good and bad it continues on like an old stalwart and really there is something familiar and perhaps friendly about the airline. I hope the traditional livery stays for a bit longer!