FAT MD83 Flying With Only 1 Engine

Tue Jul 09, 2002 5:27 am

A mid-air scary scene occurs above Taiwan's airspace on Monday (July 8). A Far Eastern Air MD83, which was operating EF184 from Makung to Taipei, suffers engine failure. The MD83 (B2023)flew to Taipei with only 1 engine working. However, investigators found out that at least 6 runway lights and wires were badly damaged. FAT says it has nothing to do with the damaged runway lights.

FAT staff said EF184 was supposed to depart at 1605LT. But it was delayed till 1708LT due to the thunder storm. The pilot found out that one of the engine is shut off due to mechanical failure. The plane landed safely at TPE around 1746LT with 1 engine operating. 157 people on board.

Meanwhile, at least 1/3 of flights departing and arriving at Makung Airport was delayed due to the damaged runway lights.