Airlines That Operate The A300-600s But ...?

Sun Oct 03, 1999 7:35 pm

hi, i'm really curious what are some airlines that operate just the newer A300s but not the older B2s & B4s... i was told Emirates was one of them...though they had a leased one...i wonder if it was in Emirates colors can anyone think of more?
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RE: Airlines That Operate The A300-600s But ...?

Sun Oct 03, 1999 10:13 pm

Dear Jamez,
there are many airlines which currently operate the A300-600 or A300-600R. I will name some of them:
Korean Air
Thai Airways
Japan Air System
American Airlines
China Airlines (Taiwan)
in the passenger version

in the freighter version.

Please note that these are not all. To see other operators I recommand a visit of the official Airbus website. I hope I was able to help you a bit.
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RE: Airlines That Operate The A300-600s But ...?

Mon Oct 04, 1999 1:58 am

The airlines that ONLY ever operated the -600/600R are, to the best of my memory:
Saudia (launch customer for the AB6)
Federal Express
Citybird (freighter only)
Kuwait Airways
UPS (still to begin A300 services)
Compass (short lived Australian low cost carrier)
China Northern
China Northwest
China Eastern
American Airlines
Monarch Airlines

There might be one or two others, but I think the above should account for most if not all.

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Mon Oct 04, 1999 10:44 am

Urm...I know more or less the airlines that operate A300-600s... i was really trying to find out those who operate the A300s exclusively the 600s or 600Rs but never a B2 or B4. Kaitak i think has gotten my question right. Thnz alot for the help guys