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Regional Jet Order Rumours

Sun Oct 03, 1999 10:14 pm

According to a website I recently found ( is Air Botnia very interested in the 728JET. And US Airways is said to buy up to 400 regional jets, prefering the 328JET. Atlantic Southeast Airlines will purchase several 30-40 seat jet like the ERJ-135 and the 328JET. Has anyone heard something about this or heard another rumour?
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RE: Regional Jet Order Rumours

Mon Oct 04, 1999 11:58 am

Like Flying-tiger i think US Airways is definitely in the market in a major way for an RJ--it makes sense as feeders for their Charlotte, Philadelphia hubs. They may have to go for the Fairchild Dornier family because I think the EMB's ERJ's lines are pretty much all booked by Continenental.

I know the ERJ-145's fit standard jetways. I know the Bombardier's do not fit standard jetways. From the height of the 328's I don't think they fit standard jetways--they would be too low to the ground--Any confirmations of this out there?
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RE: Regional Jet Order Rumours

Mon Oct 04, 1999 3:15 pm

israel aircraft industry just got a 150m$ contract from fairchild for building and assembly of the 428(the intarnal arrengments of the plains will be done at europe).it was published that if expectation hold the order will grow to 600m$.
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RE: CRJ And Jetways.

Mon Oct 04, 1999 3:55 pm

I am not sure about CRJs not fitting standard jetways. I was at Lambert two days ago and saw a USAirways (I think) CRJ parked up next to a 727 and an MD80 in the same gate I flew in on in a UA 737.

Maybe I am just seeing things but that is what I saw.