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How Many Airlines Have Flown The A320-100?

Wed Jul 10, 2002 6:34 pm

Hi Guys

I was just wandering how many airlines have flown the A320-100? A few spring to mind:

British Airways (Originally ordered be BCal)
Air France
Air Inter

Are there any others? It seems like an odd thing that occurs with many new airliner types. The airplane manufacturer invents, creates and rolls out a new plane, then as soon as that aircraft has been introduced, a new updated model rolls out. Its odd as the original plane hardly ever sees active service. It seems to be the same with the 737-100. Shortly after it rolls out, out pops the -200. Therefore we hardly see any of the 100s in active service. -100 versions of aircraft seem to see very limited service.

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RE: How Many Airlines Have Flown The A320-100?

Wed Jul 10, 2002 7:00 pm

One A320-100 was painted in the British Caledonian colour scheme, but, afaik, it never entered service...

Maybe Air Inter Europe had also some in service, but I don't know exactly.

The story with the A300B1 is very similiar, as only 2 have been built and only 1 entered airline service with TEA.


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RE: How Many Airlines Have Flown The A320-100?

Wed Jul 10, 2002 7:06 pm

As Air Inter Europe was just a short-term legal name change for IT, until it became amalgamated into AF Europe and finally AF, it doesn't have to be counted as another separate airline operating the A320-100.

So the regular -100 operators are the ones already mentioned. But maybe someone can surprise us and tell us if any of these unique airplanes were subleased for brief periods of time to other airlines? That would be something totally new for me.
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