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AirTran 717

Mon Oct 04, 1999 4:38 am


Anyone seen or been on the Airtran 717? Has it started scheduled service?

Thanks in advance.
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RE: AirTran 717

Mon Oct 04, 1999 4:50 am

I saw one of AirTran's 717s at the Boeing factory in Long Beach, they look quite nice. They are due to enter scheduled service this month, I don't know what date.
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Saw It

Mon Oct 04, 1999 6:15 am

I saw it in the hangar during the ceremony at MCO. Looks great.
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RE: AirTran 717

Tue Oct 05, 1999 1:14 am

My October issue of SkyGuide shows that AirTran flight 280 from Atlanta to Boston using a DC9 is discontinued as of October 13, but effective October 14 the route is flown by a 717 as flight 346 leaving Atlanta at 10:25am and arriving in Boston at 12:57. There is no such notations on the returning Boston to Atlanta flight.
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RE: AirTran 717

Tue Oct 05, 1999 7:18 am

Where I live we will be getting them in LATE OCTOBER, I'll be on it in Summer 2000,

RE: AirTran 717

Wed Oct 06, 1999 12:54 am

seen it and was on it.....it looks just like a dc9 really. the inside is nice, plush leather seats in 1st class. and nice seats in coach too. i have my pix up on airliners. check 'em out when u get a chance...