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Tupolev TU114

Tue Oct 05, 1999 2:03 am

There was a request for info on the TU114 under a different subject, so I thought I'd start the thread. Developed on the platform of the TU95 Bear reconnaissance/bomber aircraft, the TU114 was introduced in the early 1950s into Aeroflot service with a 100 + passenger capacity. It had a low-mounted wing, but otherwise retained the TU95 engines, tail and wing structure. It was the fastest airliner of its time, and after the introduction of jet-powered aircraft, remained the world's fastest turboprop airliner. The TU114 had an almost unheard of range capability for a Russian aircraft, providing non-stop capabilities from Moscow to Tokyo, as well as Moscow to New York. The latter route was flown carrying Premier Khrushchev in the late '50s, and was made in about 10 hours, 50 minutes. Little else is known about the plane, as Soviet aircraft were a well-kept secret during the Communist years. The TU114 was used exclusively by Aeroflot, though one aircraft did carry Japan Air Lines titles as a joint flight from Moscow to Tokyo. The aircraft were out of service by the mid-'70s, and a few are now on display in Russia - one at the Monino Air Museum near Moscow, in somewhat current Aeroflot colours. I was actually able to see one of these aircraft in Moscow at Sheremet'yevo I (Domestic) Airport in 1993, in original and unpreserved condition, displayed as a monument. It is a huge plane, with a uniquely Russian propeller set-up - two sets of counter-rotating four-bladed props. When I was back in Moscow this year, I looked for the plane to photograph it; however, the aircraft has been moved or dismantled.   Anyway, there are some factoids. Anyone who has something to add, feel free!