AirForceOne Paint Scheme

Tue Oct 05, 1999 5:50 am

What do you think about the Air Force One paint scheme? Good, bad, ugly? I think it's perhaps a little outdated and could perhaps use a new look. Yet on the otherhand, it's classic and has been that way for so long that I wonder if changing it would be a bad idea. What are everyone's thoughts?

Jim in Boston
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RE: AirForceOne Paint Scheme

Tue Oct 05, 1999 7:13 am

Jim, I like the Blue & White w/ gold strip Paint Scheme... It makes it look good but you are right, changing it to another paint scheme with more of an America Look would be better...

RE: AirForceOne Paint Scheme

Tue Oct 05, 1999 10:27 am

I do not like the Air Force One paint scheme. I think it is very ugly and tacky. But I don't think that there is any way that we can convince the US government to change the paint scheme on Air Force One, do you? Very interesting topic.

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RE: AirForceOne Paint Scheme

Wed Oct 06, 1999 1:57 pm

This is an interesting topic indeed. The colour scheme for the current American government aircrafts were designed by the late Jackie Onassis (or Kennedy) when she was the first lady. If you look back to even older photos of gov't aircraft, you will notice the change to what we have today. As far as I know, the AirForceOne livery will not be changed in the near future in order to commemorate the graceful public figure who aimed to improve the international presence of the U.S. where ever Air Force One was flown.

Many tour guides have told me this story when I toured old presidential aircraft from Tucson to Buffalo.
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RE: AirForceOne Paint Scheme

Wed Oct 06, 1999 7:06 pm

I agree with those who say AirForce ONe's paint scheme is not one of the Best, to say the least. It would've looked nice, I think, in a style similar to United - the dark shining blue and red...

- Alex Alexeyev

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