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New Airbus Fleet For Lauda Air Italy

Mon Jul 15, 2002 5:29 pm

In an article on the business section of the leading Italian newspaper "Il corriere della sera" it was reported the decision of Lauda Air Italy to change the current Boeing fleet with Airbus.

Lauda Air Italy is now owned 40% by the second larger Italian tour operator "I viaggi del ventaglio" (60% is still controlled by Niki Lauda) and the fleet consist in 3 B767/300ER.

Lauda Italy plans to replace within one year the 3 B763s with 3 Airbus330/200.
This decision will allow to increase by 15% the capacity of the long-haul fleet without increasing the number of aircrafts and it will allow to carry more cargo on the scheduled flights.

Lauda will also enter in the medium-short haul market in the summer 2003 with 2 A320/200 or 2 A321/200.

They plan to use all the commonality offered by A330/A32S to reduce cost.
The final decision within few months.

It seems an hard time for B763 for charter operators in Europe.
Here in Italy in the last year also Eurofly and Air Europe/Volare decided to replace the B763 with A332.