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Gulf Air GF072 Accident - Report Out

Tue Jul 16, 2002 12:50 am

The final report of the accident to GF072, CAI-BAH on 23/08/2000 has been published.

The address is

You will need Acrobat.

The Section 2, 'Analysis' is the section that is new. Section 1 was the initial factual info published last year.

Seems it was pilot error, with contributory factors (as always).
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RE: Gulf Air GF072 Accident - Report Out

Tue Jul 16, 2002 4:34 am

That is one major f**k up on the crews behalf, especailly the captain. What completely shocks me is the obvious lack of instrument usage within the cockpit. I cant believe how neither one of the crew understood their altitude in the seconds of the bodged up go around. When flying in IMC contitions, with absolutly no outside visual references I cannot understand why the captain was not using his instruments. And the fact that the F/O was not realising the captains mistakes or was too afraid to point them out really disturbs me. Ive also never heard of a pilot making a 360 to reduce speed and altitude at such a low altitude and close proximity to the runway. 0.9 miles from the runway?! Good god.

I remember the days just after the accident. It was such a confusing accident as although it seemed obvious human error, the ATC stated that the had no idea what went on with the approaches and what the hell the captain was trying to do.

Gulf Airs lack of compliancy with many of th DOCAMs requests also shocks me. If that was an airline in the US, I think they would have been grounded.

Classic and disturbing case of human arror. What a tragedy.

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RE: Gulf Air GF072 Accident - Report Out

Tue Jul 16, 2002 5:01 am

The reasons for the loss of GF072 have to have been among the worst-kept secrets in aviation accident history. There's nothing new in this report. The pilot cocked it up big-time with appalling airmanship and what seems to be a complete lack of appreciation of the situation.

Somatogravic illusion was always going to be a factor. But that doesn't excuse what happened before the fatal descent.

As for the lack of response to GPWS, what can you say? Fixation on a small problem instead of a larger one...a bit like being concerned over a phone line while a couple of jets are on collision course maybe...?

James Hogan, sort it out for God's or Allah's sake.