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Need Help With Safrica Fares!

Tue Jul 16, 2002 5:01 am

OK, I'm getting closer to the moment of truth, purchasing the actual plane ticket for my September trip to South Africa (2 or 3 days in JHB/Pretoria, Trans-Karoo train ride down to Cape Town via Kimberley, a 5-7 days in Capey-baby).

A coupla months ago, a total gooficus mailed me a link to a thread here about cheapo SA fares, (AF and MH, both like $1200), but I had no money in the bank. I do now. Anyone know of any good deals floating out there, ready to be snatched up like NOW!?!?!?

I live in California, USA. LAX would be my ideal departure point, but I could grab ATA or some buggy to the East for a lower overall fare (like <$1,000?)

It seems to me that anything under $1,500 is cheap for the proposed journey.
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RE: Need Help With Safrica Fares!

Tue Jul 16, 2002 5:15 am

traveld there 2 months ago from JFK-JNB. believe it or not got an Orbitz tix for 1300 USD which is cheap. Have flown out of ATL as well but was considerably more expensive. You need about 3 weeks notice to get a good fare (or so I have found). Best way is SAA strictly for time purposes otherwise it adds almost another full day throgh BA or AF. SAA is good, but I have had mixed experiences on my trips with them. BA was the best, but again, takes a good deal longer.