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UA Service On An Airbus 320, From OAK-ORD-BTV

Wed Jul 17, 2002 10:26 am

I know I made a post of this upcoming trip in the Trip reports forum, however, I wanted to place it here for current feedback. As this trip is not taking place until November, I thought that it was ok to post in here, since it really does not yet qualify as a bonafide trip report.

I would love to know what my meal service will be like, and if anyone has flown this routing or is a FA for United.

My outbound flight leaves OAK at 11am, to ORD, then finally to BTV, arriving at 841pm.

My return is BTV leaving at 515pm, then to ORD, then to OAK, arriving at 957pm.

I used miles to upgrade to First Class as well.

Thanks so much for your advice or feedback.

Patrick  Smile/happy/getting dizzy
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RE: UA Service On An Airbus 320, From OAK-ORD-BTV

Wed Jul 17, 2002 11:54 am

Dear Patrick,

Always ready to talk United! As your scheduled trip is still about four months away, the planned service may change by that time. I can certainly describe the current service on flights departing around those times, using your flight numbers. I'll focus on the First Class service, as you've used your hard-earned miles for an upgrade!

FLIGHT 1480 OAK-ORD: First will offer our "mid-con" lunch service, not quite as fancy as our transcon lunch. You will first be offered drinks with a bag of mixed nuts and pretzels. For lunch you have 2 choices: lately, one choice has been a hot sandwich such as a grilled Cajun chicken or tasty, greasy Rueben sandwich (I highly recommend it!). The second choice has been a large salad topped with grilled chicken or shrimp. A small salad is served with the sandwich and a fruit bowl is served with the entree salad. Dessert is usually a slice of the popular Eli's cheesecake, along with coffee and liqueurs.

FLIGHT 568 ORD-BTV: Even on this short flight, following drinks and a cocktail snack, First customers are offered dinner. The salad and dessert service will most likely be a repeat of your lunch out of Oakland. The two choices for your main course will be steak or chicken, with a seafood offering "rotated in" every few weeks.

FLIGHT 565 BTV-ORD: You will be served dinner once again in First. Those seated behind you in the main cabin will be eyeing your meal... they must make do with only drinks and pretzels both going and coming to Burlington, VT.

FLIGHT 481 ORD-OAK: I hope you're still hungry! Dinner will once again be offered to customers in First. A snack box containing a small sandwich, chips or carrots, and a candy bar, brownie, or pudding is served in the main cabin (this will also be served on your OAK-ORD flight).

I hope this whets your appetite! I'm glad you're flying with United out of Oakland. Our operation there is quite tiny compared to our SFO hub, but the staff is hard-working and dedicated, led by one of the very best station managers. Your flight out of Oakland will be on-time and smooth, if they have anything to do with it! I'm also pleased you're using us to Burlington, VT. What a beautiful part of the world to visit! United's been a part of BTV for quite a while now, and we're still sending in our mainline jets -- now featuring the Airbus!

Enjoy your flights, and your upgrades! -flyua.
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RE: UA Service On An Airbus 320, From OAK-ORD-BTV

Wed Jul 17, 2002 12:36 pm

Thank you very much Flyua for the wonderful feedback. I am already anticipating the trip in November, albeit 4 months away.

Even if the service does change as you mentioned, I think it will still consist of some similar meal service - right?  Smile/happy/getting dizzy

I appreciate your candid and timely reply, thanks again.

Do you live here in SF or in Oakland? We should have coffee one day to discuss our love of Airliners.net. Use my email if you wish.

Happy flying and warmest regards,

Patrick / SFO 747