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Award Tickets

Thu Jul 18, 2002 10:45 am

I have a trip coming up on Delta and my uncle (same last name) used his FF miles to get me an award ticket for a multi leg trip.

I have my e-ticket and seat reservations.

I was reading though, on that award tickets aren't guaranteed their seats? Is this so, despite having a reservation number and seat assignment for all my flights?

Or am I just being paranoid about using an award ticket?

Will this ticket be the same as a normal ticket I purchased (as in I shouldn't be concerned, just show up, check in since I have a bag to check and enjoy my trip? I hate surprises!).

Any info is appreciated.

I am flying coach on a full flight on an award ticket with reserved seat on Delta airlines.

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RE: Award Tickets

Thu Jul 18, 2002 11:00 am


Your being paranoid, I've flown on plenty of award tickests and everytime have gotten a seat. Plus when TWA was around I upgraded myself to first for a small fee, I beleive Delta has a similar program.

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RE: Award Tickets

Thu Jul 18, 2002 12:18 pm

I have a buddy who was flying Delta on an award ticket from IAH-SLC-LAS, and they bumped him off in SLC.
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RE: Award Tickets

Thu Jul 18, 2002 2:11 pm

1 says no problem, another says it could be?!

AHH! Makes me more nervous...
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RE: Award Tickets

Sun Jul 21, 2002 5:48 am

Award seat availability is limited, but once you have your ticket you are as confirmed as any other passenger. That having been said, any passenger could be involuntarily denied boarding in an overbook situation. Generally Delta has no problem getting people off the aircraft by offering vouchers. If you did happen to be bumped you would be protected on a later flight and given vouchers.
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RE: Award Tickets

Sun Jul 21, 2002 6:48 am

I just flew RIC-ATL-LGW on a Delta award ticket and had no problem. The seat assignments I obtained several months prior were still good. They even let me stand by for a seat on an earlier flight from ATL-RIC, and I got it. I was second on the standby list. So you shouldn't have any problem.

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RE: Award Tickets

Sun Jul 21, 2002 1:05 pm

As noted above, the problem with frequent flyer programs lies with booking your flights since the airlines only allot a certain number of award seats per flight. Once you have a confirmed booking, you are treated just like any other passenger - so, in the event of irregular operations, you have exactly the same rights as anyone on a paid revenue ticket. Although award tickets are non-rev, they are not non-rev employee tickets which are often on a stand-by basis.