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Avensa Leaves Miami

Thu Jul 18, 2002 2:25 pm

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In a very strange move, Avensa has decided to stop serving Miami. South Florida has the largest Venezuelan expatriate community outside the country. Servivensa will still continue to fly into Miami, but only five times a week from Caracas. Avensa has also decided to drop its only jet flown domestic destination in the country, Porlamar, in the Island of Margarita. They will focus on serving its South American and European destinations instead.

A very strange move...

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RE: Avensa Leaves Miami

Thu Jul 18, 2002 3:34 pm

'Aparently' AVENSA is currently facing an aircraft shortage and hence the pull-out from MIA services. The LAN group have had talks with the Venezuelan carrier in Santiago, to lease AVENSA 2 Airbus aircraft and 1 Boeing for delivery before Christmas 2002. The aircraft are to be painted and configured for a full AVENSA service by LanChile at the LAN hangars in Santiago, Chile (though nothing has been confirmed yet). Qantas Airways of Australia has also offered AVENSA another Boeing for lease (also to be prepared in SCL).
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RE: Avensa Leaves Miami

Fri Jul 19, 2002 12:07 am

This is truly surprising .
Miami should be one of Avensa's most important destination and they decide to drop the route. They instead keep Servivensa at Miami but operating the route only 5 times a week when the Mia-CCS route can easily handle 2 flights daily. Im sorry but Avensa needs better advisement .
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RE: Avensa Leaves Miami

Sat Jul 20, 2002 6:32 am

Avensa actually suspended MIA a while back. I'm sure they will be back when things get better.

Servivensa continues to serve Miami twice a day from Caracas.
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RE: Avensa Leaves Miami

Sat Jul 20, 2002 10:24 am

LanChile340 when you say an "Airbus" do you mean a wide-body (340) or the A320? I am guessing the A320 and 732.