The New Boeing 707-700 "Bob"

Wed Oct 06, 1999 9:28 am

Hello people,

I purchased a FlightSimulator "ADDITIONS" cd & it contained Boeing 707 planes, One of these planes was the 707-700 "BOB" Is this a new plane from Boeing, or was it made up, can anybody give me any information?
Thank you
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RE: Total Fiction

Wed Oct 06, 1999 9:35 am

I don't think it is real. Boeing isn't engaged in any 707 projects. Some other company was trying to get some cutomers to re-engine with CFM56 engines like the KC-135R, but I don't think that this is going to happen (atleast not in the US.)  
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RE: The New Boeing 707-700 "Bob"

Wed Oct 06, 1999 9:37 am

The 707-700 was a one-off test airframe specifically built by Boeing. The -700 designator was because the airplane had CFM56 engines - the only civilian 707 new build with the more modern turbofan.

The aircraft eventually had its CFM56s replaced by JT3D engines and went into airline service. The only new build 707s thereafter with CFM56 engines were delivered to military customers. No civilian 707s were converted to the -700 standard, either.

RE: Total Fiction

Wed Oct 06, 1999 10:43 am

That's it, It said on the flight Sim BOEING 707/CFM56, It was called the "BOB". Thanks Guys...