Wed Oct 06, 1999 11:54 am

I have a question, How safe are MD-11s. There have been accidents involving MD-11s like
Swissair 111,Mandarin Airlines, Fedex and KAL freighters.

What are the similarities and differences of these accidents?

Hope you can answer these questions, Thanks!!!
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RE: MD-11's

Wed Oct 06, 1999 11:37 pm

The MD-11 is a safe plane. Every plane is going to have an accident sooner or later. The Mandarin MD-11 was weather related.

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RE: MD-11's

Thu Oct 07, 1999 5:01 am

To my understanding (I may be wrong), these are the supposed causes of each crash: FedEx: Tail strikeduring landing Mandarin: Severe weather Swissair: Inflight entertainment system (electrical fire) Korean Air: Engine failure (FOD?) /improper loading
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RE: Korean Air

Thu Oct 07, 1999 9:28 am

The Korean Air MD-11F crash in China was due to misunderstanding between ground control and the crew. The crew was confused about whether ground control had issued their altitude in meters or in feet. So they thought they were too high up. They decided to decend and that is what caused them to fly into the ground and trash the MD-11F  

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Safety Of The MD-11 Or Other Airliners

Thu Oct 07, 1999 4:40 pm

As we can see from the causes of these accidents, the MD-11 itself isn't an unsafe aircraft. None of today's airliners are, for that matter. Look at the 747! How many have been lost? Who says it's a particularly unsafe plane?

As most of us know, accidents happen 90% because of the so-called human factor. Some are related with bad weather, some with engine problems, but _very few_ with the construction or whatever of the aircraft. In unfortunate cases, a combination of factors occur in situations that may never be solved, so the aircraft gets blamed. Then there are cases where an airline has many of certain aircraft type and that particular airline also experiences many tragic crashes. In these cases, too, the aircraft often gets the blame when the true causes of the accidents may have to do with airline safety, crew communications and what have you - that is, human factors.

Both the DC-10 and its successor have had very bad publicity for reasons that have virtually nothing to do with the aircraft itself. I wouldn't worry about flying on one of those birds - it's certain _airlines_ one wants to avoid if statistics are looked at. But I wouldn't lose my good night's sleep over the airline matter, either.  

- Hagi
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MD-11's Have Problems !

Fri Oct 08, 1999 6:34 pm

I think the MD-11 has faults that are trying to be covered up.

Just look at the wrecks of the FX and the AE MD-11's they are the same. FX has been a bit more fried but they are in the same position.

As for the Korean it exploded before it hit the ground, anyway thats what i heard.
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Read Airways Magazine, Rick Drury

Sat Oct 09, 1999 2:09 am

Read Capt. Rick Drury's article about flying his MD11 into Black Rain at Hong Kong in this month's Airways magazine. It gives great insight into the Mandarin Airways crash a few days later in similar circumstances.