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DC-8-70 Series Spotter's Hint

Fri Jul 19, 2002 9:50 pm

Here you are at the airport and a DC-8 taxis out. Is it a -71 or a -73? mmmmmmmmmm? There are a lot of internal structural differences that can't be seen; the -73 has 6' more wing, you'd need good eyes to see that. Look at the engine nose cowls (at about the 1:30 and 10:30 positions)(Gee, I hope you don't have a digital watch!!  Wink/being sarcastic), if there are a pair of strakes (called rams horns) on the nose cowl of the engines similar to the DC-10/MD-11's, it is a DC-8-73 (-72's also, but the fuselage length is easier to see). If they are not there, it is a DC-8-71.  Smile/happy/getting dizzy
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RE: DC-8-70 Series Spotter's Hint

Sat Jul 20, 2002 4:49 am

Thanks for sharing that spotting pointer, Broke.

I've used window-counting to correctly identify aircraft before - here are some from lists I've made (all from front of aircraft to first overwing emergency exit):

Port side:
B707-138 : 17
B720 : 18-19
B707-100 : 20
B707-300 : 24
B727-100 : 20
B727-200 : 26
Embraer ERJ-135 : 9
Embraer ERJ-140 : 10
Embraer ERJ-145 : 11

Starboard side:
B707-138 : 10-11
B720 : 12-13
B707-100 : 14
B707-300 : 18
B727-100 : 12+2 or 13+3
B727-200 : 21-23
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