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Seattle Air Accident

Wed Oct 06, 1999 3:01 pm

On Channel sevel news last night in Australia, thre was a report on a light plane accident involving a British documentary guy and he recorded the accident on tape.

the light float plane was flying some 300 ft before it cushioned into the tree tops. the mpact seeme to be very soft and it was amazing no one was hurt.

Anyone living in Seattle know about this ccident?
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RE: Seattle Air Accident

Wed Oct 06, 1999 8:30 pm

Yes, the aircraft involved was a Beaver. The British journalist involved was Peter Snow, who presents the long running TV series, Tomrrows World on BBC. He is also the reason most people tune into the BBC when there's a British general election, as he has a famous "Swingometer" which shows the shift between the major parties and is well known for his excited and enthusiastic performance on such occasions.

Thankfully, he survived.