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AA Asks FAA To Look Into LGB Slot Assignment

Sun Jul 21, 2002 3:32 am

AA has asked for the FAA to look informally into the assignment of slots at LGB. They have not filed a formal complaint at this time. The full article is at:

A few quotes:

The FAA has agreed to review the ongoing dispute between American and the airport that revolves around a contract between JetBlue Airways and the city that awarded JetBlue 27 of the slots.

Long Beach officials and American have met with the FAA and will continue to have talks with the aviation agency but that the FAA is not involved in official mediation of the dispute.

Snyder stressed that the American complaint was not filed formally.

...an FAA spokesman also pointed out that the 27 positions in question had been dormant and unwanted by airlines for several years.
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RE: AA Asks FAA To Look Into LGB Slot Assignment

Sun Jul 21, 2002 4:20 am

Before JetBlue was even a speck in anyone's imagination, American could have had all the slots they ever could have wanted at Long Beach. The fact that they are now 'interested' in LGB at just the precise time that another carrier is smacks of AA's arrogance. Thankfully the FAA will see this too.
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RE: AA Asks FAA To Look Into LGB Slot Assignment

Sun Jul 21, 2002 3:52 pm


A serious concern that I have is that if we're not careful, a precedent for 'slot locking' airports will be set. Specifically, that in the future, airlines will be able to purchase, hold, and not use slots in order to keep new entrants from being able to get into a given market.

While in the short term, a decision in favor of what jetBlue did might help new entrant/low fare carriers, in the long run, it could end up being a very nasty thing.