Boeing 747-700X

Thu Oct 07, 1999 7:03 am

I was drawing a plane today in school totally different than an Original 747, It is a Double Decker plane with a hump also, so it has 2 1/2 decks, It also has another engine on the tail, like the 727. it would have 4 specially modified PW4094 Engines, Should I send it to Boeing
Any opinions or modifications to the Idea would be helpful

Thanks Jacob
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RE: Boeing 747-700X

Thu Oct 07, 1999 7:55 am

Send me a picture.

RE: Boeing 747-700X

Thu Oct 07, 1999 10:09 am

This sounds like a cool aircraft, but I must tell you, the other day I downloaded a Boeing 747-700 Delta plane. The guy who made it thought it up. IT's just a 747 with a MUCH larger upper deck.
Maybe your plane could be the 747-800, perhaps, since someone else thought of the 747-700?

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