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FAT-SFO Upgraded By UAX To RJs Aug 1

Mon Jul 22, 2002 1:14 pm

Fresno-San Francisco service will see Brasilia RTs converted to CRJs on August 1. This means daily FAT-SFO will consist of 5 RTs on CRJs and 3 RTs on Brasilias, an increase of 80 seats each way. It appears that Skywest is adding an RJ that will be dedicated to the route. Remaining Brasilia flights could be converted in the coming months.

This is actually a return to RJs for the route as well as a seat capacity increase. Skywest originally converted the route in September to 6 RJ flights and 1 Brasilia flight. The schedule reverted to Brasilias when the RJs were used to replace Shuttle service.

As I've mentioned before, FAT is continuing to see increases in passengers over 2001 while many other airports still lag (i.e. RNO is down 17% from 2001 year to date). It appears the airlines are noticing. This month alone, AWX upgraded several FAT-PHX flights from CRJ-200s to their new CRJ-700s, Allegiant added FAT-LAS frequencies as well as started FAT-RNO. AA added additional FAT-DFW service earlier this year and saw no impact on loads on their other flights. This increase by UAX adds additional capacity. I wonder who will see the growth at FAT next and add service.
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RE: FAT-SFO Upgraded By UAX To RJs Aug 1

Tue Jul 23, 2002 5:17 am

SkyBest will be taking over another mainline gate at SFO.

Gate 79 (the add-on gate at the finger) will now be operational for those 5 RJ flights effective 4AUG.
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